Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Efficient and Effective REMOTE Mediation, Arbitration and Legal Consultations

The choice of the "right" mediator, arbitrator, or legal consultant is always an important consideration.  But this decision is even more important than when the mediation, arbitration, and legal consultation is required or desired to be delivered remotely. 

It seems almost laughable now, but when I was a young litigator, a local U. S. District Court Judge began requiring some motions and status hearings to be conducted via speakerphone.  I found and completed a CLE course on the effective use of communication by speakerphone.  I studied the expectations, the most effective methods of projecting and having your position or argument heard, and the most effective methods of communicating your position or need by your voice alone when the other parties to the call could not see you.  And I was able to find success in my role as a result.  

Some years later, I would teach one of the first wholly online law courses in Illinois. To be effective in this role, I put in a significant amount of time and effort to learn the best practices for teaching online and I earned the designation of Master of Online Teaching from the University of Illinois. 

At around the same time I began teaching online, I was serving as a mediator for EEOC cases throughout the Central District of Illinois.  I helped resolve cases all over the portion of Illinois, more times than not, spending as much time in my vehicle as I would be facilitating the mediation.  

It was a natural progression to implement various developments in remote communication into my dispute resolution and legal consulting practice. 

And those efforts have saved the people and entities I have served a lot of time and money. 

I welcome the opportunity to discuss how I might help your resolve or navigate a legal issue in the most efficient and effective matter possible.