Dispute Resolution

Retired Municipal Hearing Officer
I served over 25 years conducting municipal hearings on property maintenance, building, and zoning code cases, vehicle impounds, and a wide array of municipal code violations to include personal responsibility ordinances such as disorderly conduct and assault, battery, and affray.  I have also been retained by municipalities and their legal counsel to consult in the development and implementation of a successful municipal hearing process and efforts to draft city ordinances. 

Arbitration is the process of bringing a business dispute before a disinterested third party, an Arbitrator, or sometimes a panel of 3 Arbitrators. An Arbitrator's role is to hear and consider the evidence brought by the parties before issuing a decision. Depending on the circumstance, that decision is either binding or non-binding on the parties. 

With no law practice conflicts and 25 plus years of navigating and deciding often complex and emotionally or politically charged municipal issues, I am practiced at hearing and processing all of the evidence before making an informed call on the issues.  As with my service as a Hearing Officer, my reputation as an Arbitrator is that I will deliver my decision in a clear, timely, and efficient manner.  

Mediation is a process where a neutral third person, a Mediator helps the parties move towards mutual resolution of the dispute. 

My early mediation experience began around 1996 with assignments from the EEOC in a program intended to eliminate a large backlog of American's with Disabilities Act and other cases. During that time, I traveled all over the central region of Illinois mediating these cases.  As a result, I started receiving requests to mediate a variety of business, contract, property, and liability matters. 

In mediation, success comes when the Mediator facilitates the parties to identify and navigate issues, accept strengths and weaknesses, and move towards their mutual interest to settle an issue or dispute.    

At this stage in my career, I have developed certain methods and practices that lead parties to a successful mediation. 


My fees for Mediation or Arbitration, Remote or otherwise, are simple and straightforward. 
  • One reasonable and agreed-to, per hour rate for consultation, preparation, development of agreements, conferences, and communications prior to the hours/day(s) for mediation or arbitration.
  • One reasonable and agreed to, per hour rate for the actual Mediation or Arbitration.