Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a process where a neutral third person, a Mediator helps the parties move towards mutual resolution of the dispute. My early mediation experience began around 1996 with assignments from the EEOC in a program intended to eliminate a large backlog of American's with Disabilities Act and other cases. I traveled all over Illinois mediating these cases for a few years and along the way, I began to be retained to mediate a variety of other civil disputes. I take pride in assisting parties in the process of reaching a resolution to their dispute.

Municipal Hearing Officer
I am available to conduct remote municipal hearings throughout the State of Illinois.  With 25 years of experience conducting municipal hearings on property maintenance, building, and zoning code cases, vehicle impounds and a wide array of municipal code violations to include personal responsibility ordinances such as disorderly conduct and assault, battery, and affray, I am seasoned and able to preside over any such process and I am also available to consult in a municipalities effort to develop and set up such a process.  

Arbitration is the process of bringing a business dispute before a disinterested third party, an Arbitrator, or sometimes a panel of 3 Arbitrators. An Arbitrator's role is to hear and consider the evidence brought by the parties before issuing a decision. Depending on the circumstance, that decision is either binding or non-binding on the parties. I am experienced and available to serve as an Arbitrator in a variety of matters.


My fees for Mediation or Arbitration, Remote or otherwise, are simple and straightforward.

  • A reasonable consultation fee to discuss my availability to serve as Mediator or Arbitrator. 
  • One reasonable and agreed to, per hour rate for post-consultation preparation, development of agreements, conferences, and communications prior to the hours/day(s) for mediation or arbitration.
  • One reasonable and agreed to, per hour rate for the Mediation or Arbitration.